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Plastic Bend Fabrications Pty Ltd has attained a Bronze Status in the Vinyl Councils PVC
Stewardship Program, re-affirming our commitment to improving and innovating our
manufacturing practices in accordance with relevant environmental requirements.



Plastic Bend Fabrications P/L is officially B.E.P. Certified, and we are dedicated to using Best Practices for managing and recycling PVC throughout its product life cycle. Plastic Bend Fabrications P/L prioritises sustainability in all aspects of our operations, putting PVC recovery and reuse programs into action to help create a more sustainable future for forthcoming generations.

To download a copy of our BEP Certification PDF click here

PVC Stewardship Program      

The PVC Stewardship Program is a long-term, ongoing, voluntary undertaking that aims to identify and gradually address all pertinent environmental, health and safety risks in accordance with reasonable deadlines. Through this stewardship initiative, the Australian PVC sector has shown that it is dedicated to advancing and innovating its production processes and products.
The Results for the 2023 PVC Stewardship program which is reported over the calendar year are in.  Plastic Bend Fabrications has scored a Bronze level award the 2023 Reporting.


In accordance with agreements with a number of PVC pipe suppliers, Plastic Bend Fabrications P/L will return used and scrap PVC for the purpose of recycling back into the production of PVC material.  This ensures that PVC waste is not disposed of in landfill.

Recycling Service

Plastic Bend Fabrications P/L will receive back any clean and unused CABLE-FLOW branded Corrugated Conduit & Fittings to be recycled. Plastic Bend Fabrications P/L is unable to accept post-consumer material as part of our take back program and therefore we suggest for those materials to be sent to a local facility for correct disposal. 
CABLE-FLOW product to be clearly identified as CABLE-FLOW products by print and or embossing on injection moulded fittings.
All Returns for recycling must be clean and unused. To schedule a drop off, please contact us on 03 8401 3848.

Packaging Service (Cardboard, Stretch Film & Pallets)

Please note that our cardboard and stretch film packaging is recyclable and intended to be recycled once removed from the products.  Plastic Bend Fabrications P/L will receive back any packaging provided and used for the delivery and packaging of our products.
We will only takeback packaging provided by our company and must not be contaminated so that it is deemed to be in a recyclable condition.

Please contact us on 03 8401 3848 to make a time for you to deliver this to us.  Inspection of packaging is required to ensure that it is from our products and deliveries only and free of contaminants.